A Wedding is a Day....           .... A Marriage is a Lifetime     ..... are you ready?

Welcome back CEE Alumni Couples!!!

We are so glad you chose to come back and continue to use the tools presented on your

Please find below a list of resources, topics and documents for your extended weekend enjoyment!

We also would appreciate if you could take few moment to complete the weekend survey!

We truly were blessed to spend the weekend with you in preparing you for your life long journey together as one!!

God Bless!

Nick and Cheryl Covert
Catholic Engaged Encounter, Local Diocesan Coordinators
Phoenix, Arizona

Links for Diocesan Covenant of Love Resources
Diocese 7 Step Process Brochure - Checklist
Covenant of Love - Diocese of Phoenix Home Page
Search for Natural Family Planning (NFP) Courses in the Phoenix Diocese
FAQ Regarding NFP
NFP References
After Weekend Homework\Material
Are the Two of you Intellectually Compatible?
Do the Two of You have the same Moral Compass?
The Hands Prayer
CEE Suggested Resources
Getting Married Catholic
Ten Important Research Findings On Marriage
Must Have Conversations
A Snapshot of Marriage in the U.S.
Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage in the Catholic Church


Catholic Engaged Encounter, Phoenix, Arizona
2009 Catholic Engaged Encounter of Phoenix, Arizona